No Numbers Identity Beyond Measure
a film by Sonja Ruebsaat and Dena Ashbaugh

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No Numbers
is a documentary that looks at the general sense of “dis-ease” in our society and the increasing normalcy of hating ourselves.Three women speak out,sharing their stories of recovery from anorexia and bulimia.

In telling their stories through the creative medium of film they rediscover values in life that move beyond inches, weight, and other measures that society too often champions as benchmarks for success.

Though the issues raised in No Numbers stem from individual stories, they are inescapably connected to society and thus to the community as a whole. No Numbers focuses on healing that recognizes community and creativity as integral players in recovery.

Finding identity beyond measure isn’t just about recovery from eating disorders. It's about re-discovering the fullness of our lives.

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Presented by Beatroute Productions
Trailer picture edit and music composition : Sonja Ruebsaat -Audio post: Luke Martin
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